Welcome 2019!! Why Not Playing Snow Ball Fight (Yukigassen)together?

Happy new year to you!! I’m Norika Ohkawa, the PR manager from Bunyan Communication Ltd.. Warmest wishes this holiday season, and I look forward to making 2019 a successful year together!

We prepared the message for both people who have experienced our Snow Ball Strikes program and who haven’t. Thank you for sparing your new year’s relax time to read the following for us.


[To whom already have participated in our program]

For the first, thank you for your cooperative participation in our Snow Ball Strikes program in 2018.
It was so nice to have you guys there at that time. We are still looking forward to see you again, and again this year as well.

How have you been recently?

We hope that our program would be unforgettable, nice experience for you and it became working for being you guys to pleasant company in your community. Please keep in touch with us, and let’s have more fights some of these days. We are always welcome you to Japan, even if your place is far away from here, we’re ready to go there to fight!!

We will tell you about our program more this year. No one can’t stop us, or you can even join us!!
We update the info on SNS pages. Please check it out!

[To whom have never participated in our program]

Thank you for visiting our website and read this article now. We are the company that provide Snow Ball Fight program. Sometimes it’s for young people to make them know how fun it is, and sometimes it’s for the people in company to build brilliant relationships among them.

So, you want to make a good relationships with your friends, or coworkers huh? Great idea!

But…how do you get started? Do you have any good idea? …Just talk with them? Or drink with them at a party? Sometimes it’s too hard to do those things these days because you guys are so busy on working time and as for drinking party, it can be harassment!! Ugh!!

And there’s so much information out there on the Internet, and everyone is telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point?

You should just forget them – it’s too confusing!

We used to be annoyed with the communication in ex-workplace – We didn’t know what was the best way to communicate especially with the boss and seniors as well. We had the same problems.

From there, we bumped into the “Snow Ball Strikes”, and now we knew less than nothing about the good way for communication with other people. What is that? Yes, the point is definitely non-verbal communication, and the ultimate way to brush it up is sports!!

You don’t need to know a ton about it, just our Snow Ball Strikes doing pretty well for that – More than ●● unique participants joined into our program in 2018 and which made them more confident about their relationships. It’s very effective not only for your friends, but also your coworkers – juniors and even seniors too.

I promise it’ll be simple, easy, and totally easy to understand. Sound good?

Mid Summer Yukigassen in Tochigi Pref

Awesome, let’s move on.
If you want to know more about our Snow Ball Strikes program, simply just let us know!!

TEL : +81 3-6326-5106
Mail : info@olympic-yukigassen.net

We will definitely be your help and make your 2019 more delightful.

Snow Ball fight Championship in Japan @Hakuba Nagano

for more info

Thank you and we’re so excited to see you on the future match!!