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724A7711 - コピー

Hallo an alle, schön, dich kennenzulernen
Schneeballschlacht in Japan?


(English Version)
We can play Yukigassen (雪合戦)for everyone ,everywhere and every season‼
Let’s enjoy it together.
It’d be grateful we could meet up and throw the snow balls during the tour of Japan.

We’ll deserve the hospitality when you come to Japan.
We Japanese love the white snow deeply and respect the nature of Japan in winter.
So my company hopes you catch & throw snow ball for the wall what you worry about.

Please drop in Tokyo where you can feel free.
We’re waiting for someone who wants to play yukigassen. We can play it by using artificial snow.
I have a dream for the olympic games in winter.
I’ll walk step by step.

30 Nov 17
Ichiro Goto (founder of Bunyan Communication Ltd.)059A2806

Maya Miyagawa (宮河マヤ)
Maya Miyagawa


Yukigassen is getting ready for flying beyond he horizon.


We call it for “Snow Ball Strikes”.

Please ask me questions.  E-mail: info@olympic-yukigassen.net


snow ball
snow bal
Mai Tanaka
Mai Tanaka